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Steffan Willis
Economist, Researcher and Consultant
Steffan Willis
Economist, Researcher and Consultant

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Who we are

Interpretive Economics is a boutique content marketing agency that specializes in creating high-value content that engages specialist, professional audiences.


We combine economic and market research with data analysis and storytelling to create market-leading content builds brand credibility and expertise.


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Our Mission

Creating great content is hard. Our mission is to help companies and B2B marketers develop engaging content and insightful thought leadership using a bespoke methodology that draws on the frameworks economists use to understand the world. 

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What we do

We partner with our clients to design the right content solution for your brand and marketing strategy.


Our area of expertise lies in creating long-form anchor content involving original research and data analysis. This includes white papers, reports and articles. Additionally, we adapt and repurpose content to extend its reach and ROI

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Director & Lead Economist

Steffan Willis


I founded Interpretive Economics with the goal of democratizing-access to economic research and analysis. For me, economics is about much more than just markets, GDP, and abstract ideas of supply and .demand. It provides a tool kit for understanding the world and can be applied to any industry or problem.


With a background in financial services and consulting, I bring a unique perspective to the world of B2B content marketing. My expertise in economics and data science, combined with my passion for writing and storytelling, allows us to create content that is insightful, engaging and unique. We have helped professional B2B companies solve some of the there most difficult content challenges, from developing Web3 white papers, to scraping the web to create personalized benchmark reports, all the way through to researching, writing and publishing academic papers.

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