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Digital Shelf Institute - The 202X Recession: Economic Insights Report for Brands

202X recession.jpg

Steffan Willis joined Peter Crosby to talk about the how does the COVID-19 recession compares to the Great Recession, (2007-09) and what lessons brand manufacturers can learn from it to adapt their current responses?

The conversation explored some of the key findings of the report including how consumer behaviour changes during periods of economic uncertainty.

Digital Shelf Cafe - Germany Digital Shelf Insights Report

Christian Hassold and DSI Resident Economist Steffan Willis sat to discuss the most recent edition of the Digital Shelf Insights report for Germany.


The discussion looked at some of the updated economic indicators for retail and ecommerce in the EU5. We also explore the recent EU Commissions announcement of an inquiry into potentially anti competitive behaviour by Amazon.


The full Digital Shelf Insights Report is available for download here

Digital Shelf Cafe - UK Digital Shelf Insights Report

Steffan Willis, Economist in Residence at Digital Shelf Institute Europe, joined Christian Hassold to talk about the latest Digital Shelf Insights executive report covering the UK economy.


The conversation explored key economic indicators impacting the UK retail eco-system, discussed breaking news around a proposed e-commerce tax, and Amazon's latest announcements targeted at taking share from traditional grocers like Tesco and Sainsbury.

The full Digital Shelf Insights Report is available for download here.

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