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Best Economics and Public Policy Podcasts (2023)

I love listening to podcasts where I actually learn something so I thought I would share a list of my favorite's dealing with economics and public policy.

Discussions and Interviews

Ones & Tooze

My current favorite economics podcast - Economist Adam Tooze covers ... basically everything: from the COVID shutdown, to climate change, to pasta sauce. The recent series on The Economics of Love was particularly good


In-depth interviews with economists and other writers about economics and ideas. The host has a libertarian / hayekian view but always engages deeply with ideas being discussed. It is also a great way to scrub up on economic theory. Try: Dani Rodrik on Neoliberalism or Michael Munger on Sharing, Transaction Costs, and Tomorrow 3.0

The Bottom Line

Conversation between leading exports about the challenge and opportunities facing different industries. Recent episodes have covered Plant-based foods, the future of commercial aviation and the delivery business. Try: The Discounters

Alphachat (discontinued)

Each episode features a discussion between FT journalists and guests often focused on macro-economics and global trends Try: Germany's China Shock


Another one from BBC Radio 4. Analysis presents 30 minute audio essays on the ideas influencing public policy featuring interviews with leading experts. Try: The Forgotten Half

Rhodes Center Podcast (discontinued)

Hosted by Mark Blyth, a Scottish political-economist known for coining the term 'global Trumpism', the podcast focuses on interviews and discussions about the impact of the economy and economic shocks in driving socio-political change.

Weekly Economics Podcast

Great podcast from the New Economics Foundation looking at economics from a new left perspective. Try: The Rent is too High

The World of Business (discontinued)

Programme looking at trends in business. Try: Flying Green


Features interviews from leading academics answering interesting questions in the social sciences. Try: LSE IQ 21 | Can we afford our consumer society?

Reasons to be Cheerful

Podcast from former Labour leader Ed Miliband focused on innovative policy solutions. Try: When they go Low, we go high (street)

Centre for Cities

Monthly podcast from the centre for cities discussing the latest research into UK cities and urban economics. Try: What's driving self-employment in cities?

Housing Matters

Podcast from the National housing Federation on social housing in the UK. Try: What can housing associations do to address homelessness?

Hosted by Stephen Dubner, the podcast explores the hidden side of everything, from personal finance to global trade.

Another one from Freakonomics Radio - this time exploring the economics of topics ranging from Gas Stations to Used Hotel Soaps.

A podcast from the Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy in Singapore, Asia Matters features in-depth discussions on the key economic and political issues affecting Asia-Pacific.

A new podcast on China from The Economist. It covers economics, but also social, political and business themes. A great introduction to understanding what drives China today.

Lectures & Events

Lectures and debates from the London School of Economics

Discussions and lectures from experts in development studies

Discussions and lectures on everything including public policy and economics

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