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Economic Research &
in Singapore.


We are an economic research and consulting agency working with finance, FinTech, SaaS, ESG and professional services firms in Singapore and around the world to create content and reports that engages professional audiences, informs decisions and generates motivated leads.


We provide a range of economic research, consulting and B2B content marketing services. We help professional B2B companies develop informative, engaging reports, original research white papers, infographics, SEO content, and more.


Our unique methodology uses the tools and techniques of economic research and analysis to deliver genuine insight and value for your audience. With deep expertise in research and data science we create custom content solutions that engage  professional audiences and B2B decision makers. Find out more about approach here.

Economic Research Data Analysis

Content Marketing Data Visualisation

 White Papers & Reports Personalized Content

Technical & Academic Writing E-books

Statistical Analysis  Web Scraping AI Content

Case Studies



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The Ultimate Guide to GPT-4 Prompt Engineering

Learn how to craft effective prompts, integrate GPT-4 into your content planning process, and strike the perfect balance between human expertise and AI-generated content for maximum impact and ROI.

Find real-world examples, practical tips and tricks for creating the perfect prompt and learn how B2B content creation strategies need to change to enable automated content generation.

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